Tie In Draw

Tie In Draw
PURPOSE: The ContiTech employee participates in any improvement that is necessary to achieve customer satisfaction. Total commitment to ContiTech's Quality Management System is a part of every employee's responsibility in order to achieve and exceed ContiTech's Quality Objectives.
1. Communicate with the off-going shift.
2. Receive instructions from Supervisor.
3. Installing lease rods: Check warp board, find the oldest date that has been leased.
Always go with the oldest date.
4. Tie-In: Same as leasing, the oldest date on the board that is ready to tie is
the one that is next in line.
5. Installing lease rods, Sulzer Loom Type TW11, Sulzer Loom Type PU, Sulzer Loom Type P7100, PGW Loom.
6. Tie Sulzer and PGW Looms.
7. Tying style "Z & S"-twist.
8. Pull knots on Sulzer looms.
9. Put in lease string and rod.
10. Pull lease rod up and around rollers to dropwire.
11. To air splice, take one end off dropwire and one end off lease and air splice the two together.
12. Pick leases and pull through dropwires, harness, and reed. Check Notice of Loom Change (ref. Form WEA030)
for number of ends per reed.
13. Put selvage yarn in and draw yarn up.
SFC-HRS-003-0030 Rev.5 Release Date: 9/27/16
14. When a loom is finished running a style and the fabric is doffed and the same style is scheduled for that loom,
operator splices yarn behind eyeboard.
15. Sweep area and maintain good housekeeping.
16. Other duties may be assigned.
QUALIFICATIONS: Understand and follow written and/or verbal instructions.
Must be able to do basic math and read
Lift, move and position materials, use tools, equipment, etc.
quickly and effectively.
Knowledge of good shop practices.
Knowledge of weaving area and machinery in house
Operate lift trucks and other material moving equipment. Must
possess a valid lift truck operator license.
Training required: Lift Truck Operator License
ISO overview
Safety overview
Yearly job evaluation
Hand or Power:
Hand Tools
Electric hoists
Electric drill
Power wrenches
Paint spray cans, etc.
Lift truck
Standing- 100%
Climbing 80%
Crawling- 75%
Sitting- N/A
Moving Material- 100%
Hearing Speaking- Able to hear and speak with supervision, section leaders and co-workers to perform job properly.
Reaching- 80%
Visual Acuity- Color Vision required with normal vision to perform job properly.
Bending Stooping- 80% of time
EEO Statement
EEO / AA / Disabled / Protected Veteran Employer. Continental offers equal employment opportunities to all qualified individuals, without regard to unlawful consideration to race, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, disability
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