Position Summary:
Set up, operate, or tend machines that knit, loop, weave, or draw in textiles. This employee
participates in any improvement that is necessary to achieve customer satisfaction. Total
commitment to ContiTech's Quality Management System is a part of every employee's
responsibility in order to achieve and exceed the Company's Quality Objectives. Responsible for
implementing and following 6S guidelines.
Responsibilities/ Accountabilities:
Operates battery of looms to weave yarn into cloth.
Continuously patrol looms and creels.
Corrects misdraws and crossed ends.
Observes cloth being woven to detect weaving defects.
Removes defects in cloth by cutting and pulling out filling.
Adjusts pattern chain to resume weaving.
Examines looms to determine cause of loom stoppage, such as warp, filling, harness
breaks, or mechanical defects.
Uses air splicer to splice pieces of yarn to broken end and threads yarn through drop
wires, heddle eyes, and reed dents to repair warp breaks, using reed hook.
Pulls out broken filling and pushes shuttle through shed to insert new pick and repair
filling breaks.
Adjust machine heating mechanisms, tensions, and speeds to produce specified
Inspect products to ensure that specifications are met and to determine if machines
need adjustment.
Notify supervisors or technicians of mechanical malfunctions.
Record information about work completed and machine settings.
Manages supply room to 6S standards
Other duties as assigned
SFC-HRS-003-0023 Rev.4 Release Date: 9/21/16
Operation Monitoring ? Watching gauges, dials, or other indicators to make sure a machine is
working properly.
Operation and Control ? Controlling operations of equipment or systems.
Physical Demands:
STANDING- Stand on hardwood and /or concrete floor for a minimum of 8 hours with two 10-
minute breaks and one 20-minute lunch.
MOVING (self)- Walk 500ft approx.10 times/per shift
MOVING (materials)- Push wheeled boxes with 100-175 lbs of force from 50-100 ft. 10
times/shift. Pull 25 ends per row. Lifting 25 lb packages approximately 7 times every hour.
forward with approx. 10-20 lbs of force for approx. 300 times/shift.
HEARING/SPEAKING- Able to hear and speak with supervisors, technicians, and co-workers to
perform job properly.
REACHING- Reach overhead up to 24" approx. 300 times/shift. Reach downward and laterally up
to 24" approx. 300 times/shift. Reach forward up to 18" approx. 600 times/shift.
BENDING/STOOPING- Bend over up to 30" approx. 300 times/shift.
VISUAL ACUITY- Color vision required with normal vision to distinguish yarn tints, proper codes,
and quality defects. Must have good perception of quality.
SAFETY REQUIREMENTS: Ear plugs, steel-toed shoes, safety glasses.
EEO Statement
EEO / AA / Disabled / Protected Veteran Employer. Continental offers equal employment opportunities to all qualified individuals, without regard to unlawful consideration to race, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, disability
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